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April 18 2017

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The orbit of Jupiter protects the Earth from asteroids.

a silent guardian, a watchful protector

lol look at mercury go that wild bastard

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Tymczasem w Stalowej Woli
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So my dad is a cop in Germany

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https://xkcd.com/1825/ - 7 Eleven
"Really, the only honest 24-hour stores are the ones in places like Arizona and Hawaii, and many of them are still wrong in certain years."
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April 17 2017

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Escape velocities for every planet in the solar system

Jupiter: YEET

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April 16 2017

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Neuschwanstein Castle by Jacob Riglin

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Pour yourself a glass from the Probability Pitcher.

Take a fucking sip for initiative, babes

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by  Aoi Ogata
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